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Notice of race (grade 2)


Notice of Race (grade 2)



ISAF Grade 2 Match Racing Regatta

St-Petersburg, 04 – 09 June 2014 NOTICE OF RACE



The organising authority (OA) will be the Non-commercial sailing support fund “Sails of White Nights”, the Committee of the Physical Culture and Sport of the S-Petersburg City Administration, St-Petersburg regional sport social organization “St-Petersburg Yacht Club” in conjunction with the S-Petersburg Sailing Union, Russian Yachting Federation and Russian Ministry of Sport.


The venue will be Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA


The event is an ISAF Grade 2. This grading is subject to review by the ISAF. The event may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.


4.1 The provisional programme is:

(a) Race office open from June 04 at 10:00 hours.

(b) Registration from June 04, 11:00 until June 04 at 19:00.

(c) Crew weighing from June 04, 11:00 until June 04 at 19:00.

(d) Practice from June 04, 12:00 until June 04 at 19:00

(e) First briefing at June 04, 19:30.

(f) First meeting with the umpires at following the first briefing.

(g) Opening Ceremony on June 05 at 19:00.

(h) Racing days from June 05 to June 08.

(i) Time of the first race each day will be 10:00.

(j) Daily press conference 1 hour after the last race of each day.

(k) The prize giving on June 08 at 19:00.

(l) Departure day is June 09. Note: An additional race (fleet race with VIPs) will be held during the main Sails of White Nights – the National Congress Palace Cup-2014 event.

4.2 Unless excused by the OA, attendance at the following is mandatory:

(a) Initial briefing for skippers.

(b) Daily briefing, for skippers.

(c) Daily press conferences, for skippers sailing that day.

(d) The opening / prize-giving ceremonies for all skippers and crews.

(e) Participation in the fleet race with VIPs – for 6 best skippers.


(a) 12 skippers will be invited. Only skippers invited by the OA will be eligible to enter this event, including one skipper – the winner of the “KOMATEK Cup 2014”, May 15 – 19, ISAF grade 4 event, Ekaterinburg.

(b) The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency.

(c) To remain eligible a skipper shall confirm acceptance of invitation in writing, (fax or e-mail is acceptable) to be received by the date specified on the entry form.

(d) All competitors shall meet the eligibility requirements of ISAF regulation 19.2

(e) All competitors shall obtain an ISAF Sailor ID by registering online at www.sailing.org/isafsailor. Skippers shall inform the OA of their ISAF Sailor ID at registration.

(f) All competitors of Russian citizenship shall be members of the Russian Yachting Federation and should have the insurance in accordance with the Russian Yachting Federation insurance regulations and should have the sport level 1 (1-youth for youth) at least and the sailing license (for skippers).


6.1 The skipper shall be entered on completion of registration, crew weighing and the payment of all fees and deposits. All payments shall be made by cash.

6.2 Entry Fee A non-refundable entry fee of EUR 300 shall be paid at registration.

6.3 When a skipper accepts an invitation and later withdraws within two months of the event or leaves the event before the end without written approval from the OA, a zero score may be applied to their Ranking points for that event by the ISAF. (ISAF Regulation 27.2)

6.4 Damage deposit

(a) An initial damage deposit of EUR 1000 shall be paid at registration, unless extended by the OA. This deposit is the maximum payable by a skipper as a result of any one incident.

(b) If a deduction from the damage deposit is decided by the OA, it may require that the deposit be restored to its original amount before the skipper will be permitted to continue in the event.

(c) Any remaining deposit after the event will be refunded within 10 days after the event.



(a) The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the RRS, including Appendix C.

(b) The rules for the handling of boats will apply, and will also apply to any practice sailing and sponsor races. Class rules will not apply.

(c) Any prescriptions of the local authority that will apply shall be posted on the official notice board.

(d) This Notice of Race, including amendments;

(e) The sailing instructions (available at registration) and any amendments thereof.

7.2. Major Alterations of the RRS

Add to RRS 41: (e) help to recover from the water and return on board a crew member, provided the return on board is at the approximate location of the recovery. RRS C8.6 and C6.3 will be changed in the sailing instructions.

7.3. An International Jury (IJ) will be appointed in accordance with RRS Appendix N.


(a) The event will be sailed on "Santer-760" type boats (keel boats with LOA over 7,6 m).

(b) 6 boats will be provided.

(c) The following sails will be provided for each boat: Mainsail, Jib, Gennaker,

(d) Boats will be allocated by draw, either daily or for each round as decided by the Race Committee.


(a) The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be 3, for all-female team – 3 or 4. All registered crew shall sail all races.

(b) The maximum total crew weight, determined prior to racing shall be 262,5 kg, when wearing at least shorts and shirts.

(c) When a registered skipper is unable to continue in the event, the IJ may authorise an original crew member to substitute.

(d) When a registered crew member is unable to continue in the event, the IJ may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.


(a) Skippers will be divided into 2 groups based on ISAF ranking list 30 days prior to the event.

(b) The event will consist of the following stages:

• Round robin,

• Quarter final – knock out series,

• Semi-final – knock out series,

• Final – knock out series.

(c) The OA may change the format, terminate or eliminate any round, when conditions or the remaining time scheduled do not permit the completion of the intended format.


(a) The course will be windward/leeward with starboard rounding, finishing downwind.

(b) The intended course area will be in the mouth of Neva River between Petropavlovskaya fortress, Winter Palace and Vasilyevskiy island.


(a) As boats and equipment will be supplied by the Organising Authority, ISAF Regulation 20.4 applies. Each boat will be required to display advertising as supplied by the OA

(b) Competitors may be permitted to display advertising ashore at the venue, but this is subject to individual negotiation with the Organizing Authority.

(c) Boats shall not be permitted the right to protest for breaches of any rules regarding advertising (amends RRS 60.1).


(a) The principal prize for the first place will be the National Congress Palace Cup.

(b) The prize money shall be EUR 10.000 will be distributed among 10 best crews in accordance with ISAF Standard Guidelines for the organisation of Grade WC, 1 and 2 Match Racing events:

1st position

EUR 2500-

6th position

EUR 800-

2nd position

EUR 1600-

7th position

EUR 700-

3rd position

EUR 1300-

8th position

EUR 500-

4th position

EUR 1000-

9th position

EUR 400-

5th position

EUR 900-

10th position

EUR 300-


The prizes may be subject to taxation as per Russian Law.

Additionally there will be other prizes and memory gifts established by Sponsors of the Event.

(c) ISAF has been notified of these Prizes.

(d) The OA may reduce a prize in the case of misconduct or refusal to comply with any reasonable request, including attendance at official functions.


14.1 If required by the OA:

(a) Television personnel and equipment (or dummies) supplied by the OA shall be carried on board while racing.

(b) Competitors shall wear microphones supplied by the OA during racing and be available for interviews when advised by the OA or RC.

(c) Registered skippers shall wear communications equipment supplied by the OA that will allow commentators to communicate with them whilst racing.

14.2 Competitors shall not interfere with the normal working of the OA supplied media equipment.

14.3 The OA shall have the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of any charge.

14.4 During the fleet race the organising authority may request that a VIP be on board a yacht.


No coach boats will be permitted.


(a) Each team is requested to provide a national flag approximately 25х40 cm for display from the stern of the boat.

(b) Each team is requested to provide their national anthem.


All those taking part in the event do so at their own risk. The OA, its associates and appointees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience incurred, howsoever caused.


Entries will only be accepted from invited skippers. If you wish to be invited please register your request for an invitation as soon as possible with the OA by completing the attached form.


For further information please contact:



32A, ul.Pilotov, Saint-Petersburg, 196210, RUSSIA

Natalia Fedorova

Tel /Fax: ++7 812 7187591

E-mail: natalia.fedorova@fdn.ru


Yana Dobzhitskaya

Luzhnetskya nab., 8, Office 446 Moscow, 119991, RUSSIA 

Tel: ++7 903 5553666; ++7 915 1643596 Fax: ++7 495 6379214

E-mail: rusmrc@yandex.ru Skype: yankee-d



Date of issue: 15.02.14 Notice of Race version number 2.0


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