Грузоперевозки по всему миру

о Санкт-Петербурге

Originally the city was planned to become the ‘Window to Europe’ and the Emperor Peter the Great was inviting best talents from ‘Western countries’  to bring modern techniques, trends and achievements to Russia and to alter Russian realities to become more European. His efforts led to a new and gorgeous place appearing on the global map – the ‘Northern Capital’ of Russia, the beautiful and very unique city.

Although St. Petersburg is relatively young the city is proud of its 305 years history and culture. There are hundreds of museums, theatres and architectural masterpieces and many of them are ‘must see’ – the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Palace Square, the bridges that are drawn up at night and definitely several cathedrals including the Church on Spilt Blood.

Contemporary  St. Petersburg is very dynamic with multiple strategic projects being implemented, embracing new modern transport arteries, a big soccer stadium, a new district and others under construction. However, the original design and architectural layout is carefully taken care of and maintaining the historic buildings has become another non-stop ongoing task intended to save the spirit of the city.

The population exceeds five million people and, as any other big city, St. Petersburg has to cope with some problems. Although the number of hotels, including VVIP grows every year, still the period of “White Nights” (the beginning of summer) cannot accommodate all the tourists who wish to see the city. No doubt, one can describe St. Petersburg as multinational and very hospitable, but the attitude to foreigners from the police or some groups of people might not be very open. However, St. Petersburg is no more dangerous than any average European city.

The weather in June is lovely, with daily temperatures around 22 C and warm nights. Day or light night – wander the streets or take a river boat tour, learn art visiting new exhibition or hang out in multiple art cafes, watch the UEFA Cup winners “Zenit” beating another competitor in the local football championship… simply feel yourself at home.

Visiting St. Petersburg you owe to yourself a relaxing walk in the gardens of the former residences of tsars and tsarinas. Peterhof, world famous for its fountain cascades, is the best place to spend a sunny summer day in a peaceful atmosphere.


Географическая справка


Climate in St. Petersburg can be described as maritime as it is much influenced by the Baltic Sea. The air humidity is usually high; it’s rather windy and quite rainy. Winters and summers are mild.

The climate at the time of the year of the Volvo Ocean Race Finish is summerlike with warm weather.

Temperatures June \ July:
Maximum daily: 21°C
Minimum daily: 13°C
Extreme High: 34°C
Extreme Low: 2°C

St. Petersburg is a northern city and therefore end of May to mid-July nights are short. This period is called the “White Nights” which basically means one is able to read a bok without artificial lights.


There are no tides in the Baltic Sea and the Neva River.
The water level depends much on the winds:
1.50 m (max) water level decrease is observed during prolonged eastern winds.
conversely prolonged western winds may increase the level up to 2-2.5 m (max).

Wind Roses

Prevailing wind is West by South-West.
Daily updated wind information and forecasts for St. Petersburg is available at:

The Neva River

The Neva River Depths:
8-11 metres – all the way up to the Race Village
6 metres – generally in close proximity to the Race Village
PLEASE, NOTE: 4 metres depths at some spots in close proximity to the Race Village – detailed maps to be used

The Neva River current (East to West direction):
1.5 knots – general
Up to 4 knots – under bridges and in narrow places

The Neva river (both arms) is navigable:
24 \ 7 navigation of small and big ships (cargo barges at night create roughness)
All “river” regulations apply


Прибытие в Санкт-Петербург

Arriving by Plane:

There is only one airport in St. Petersburg – “Pulkovo” www.pulkovoairport.ru.
PLEASE, NOTE: there are two terminals in Pulkovo airport, both located south of the city:

Pulkovo 2 (International flights)
Location: 17 km south from the city centre
Information: +7812 704 3444, 24 hours
Lost and found: +7812 324 3787, 24 hours

Pulkovo 1 (Domestic, CIS and some international flights)
Location: 18 km south from the city centre
General number: +7812 704 3822, 24 hours
Lost and found: +7812 331 4244, 24 hours


  • Passport control as well as waiting for your luggage can easily take 1 hour when a half-dozen of planes arrive within a short period of time.
  • If you don't bring drugs, weapons or billions of euros you don’t need to fill in the ‘Customs and Currency Declaration Statement’. Just choose “Green Channel”.
  • If your luggage is lost, please, go to the Lost Luggage office and file a report.
  • Airport taxi drivers in the street would ask anything from 1500 RuR, 50 euros or 50 US$.
  • There's an organized tax "booth" in the arrival hall, where the prices are fixed depending on the destination and quite fair.
  • Public buses as well as fixed route-minibuses to drive to the city center are available at cheaper prices (~ 30 RuR)
  • Driving from the airport to the city center, e.g. the Race Village (or in the opposite direction as well) might take around 1 hour. Please, note that traffic is unpredictable.


  • Please, don’t forget to tell the driver which terminal you are going to (in most cases it’ll be Pulkovo-2, however, please, check to be sure).
  • General recommendation is to get to the airport 2 hours prior to your flight departure.
  • There is both free of charge and paid parking lots available.
Arriving by Train:

There are four train stations in St. Petersburg which operate long-distance trains. All of them are connected with metro stations and definitely have taxi services. Locations are various.

Arriving by Bus:

There are several pick-up \ drop-off points in the city and most of them are located in the city center or close.

Central Bus Station
Address: Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala 36

Most Buses from the Baltic states
Baltiisky Station (“Baltiiskaya” metro)

Most Buses from Finland
Nevsky prospect (city main road)

Arriving by Car:

Several motorways lead to the city from several ends.
Drive on the right.
60 km per hour in the city.
And of course all permits and registrations needed.

Arriving by Boat:

Cruise ships and also private vessels anchor at the main Sea Passenger Terminal (the western part of the city) 20 minutes away from the city center.


Полезная информация

Taxi Service

“Taxity” +7812 3200 200
“Taxi” +7812 600 0000
“Taxi Lux” +7812 3333 233

City centre to airport - around 800 RUR
PLEASE, NOTE: not all taxi operators speak English. Only RUR (Russian Rubles) are accepted. Cash only!
There is a TAXI booth in the Airport Arrival Hall.

Photo Services

Digital Copy Center “Vosstaniya-1”
Ul. Vosstaniya, 1
Tel. +7812-579-5770
Open: 10:00 – 22:00

Translation Services

Translink Translation Services
Please contact Dmitriy Godenkov
E-mail: Данный адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов, Вам необходимо включить Javascript для его просмотра.

Banking Hours

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 20.00 (generally)
Banking hours may differ depending on the banks
Currency: Russian Ruble (RUR or Rbl)
1 ruble equals 100 kopecks
PLEASE, NOTE: Credit cards are accepted, however, please always have cash as a backup as cash is used in most cases.
ATMs are numerous.
It is legal to pay in rubles only (no payments in dollars or euros).

Voltage and Plug Type

220 Volts AC, 50 Hz
Generally a Russian plug (two small round pins) is used.
A European plug (two round pins) has already become common.
Adapter is available to switch from Russian plug to European (two round pins) \ American plug (two flat pins).

International Dialing Code

Dialling out (landline): 8 – 10 – Country Code – City Code – Number
Dialling in (landline): 00-7-812 – Number
Dialling code for Russia: 7
Dialling code for St. Petersburg: 812

Time Difference Against GMT

In June: + 3 hours

Local Language

The Cyrillic alphabet is used which has 33 letters.
Most street signs are in Russian and very rarely in English.

Tourist Information

There are two Tourist Information Centres in St. Petersburg:
Address: Ul. Sadovaya 14 \ 52
+7812 310 2822
Address: Dvortsovaya pl. 12
+7812 982 8253

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